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Join Melody Lytle and Nate Chappell for 7 great days of photography in West Texas.  The centerpiece of this workshop is photographing for 3 days at water drips in the high desert near Terlingua, Texas.  This is probably the best location in the US to photograph Lucifer Hummingbird, it’s also very good for Varied Bunting, Hooded and Scott’s Orioles, Scaled Quail, Pyrrhuloxia and other high desert species. We will also do multi flash hummingbird photography of Black-chinned Hummingbirds and photograph birds such as Painted Bunting at a ranch in the Texas Hill Country, we will visit a state park which is one of the best locations for Black-capped Vireo and we will be driving through stunning landscapes in Big Bend National Park and Amistad National Recreation Area.  

Maximum photographers 5.

Cost and Logistics

$3,975 per photographer, $500 single supplement, $1,100 deposit.   Includes all photo instruction, local transportation, guiding, property use fees, and lodging.  It does not include meals other than some breakfasts.  Fly to Austin, Texas or drive to our hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas to begin the workshop.


May 19th – Fly into Austin, TX, Arrive by 12pm if you are flying in or we can arrange a hotel for you the night before.  If you are driving you can meet us at our hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas.  We will then proceed to a Hill Country Ranch which usually has large numbers of Black-chinned Hummingbirds.  We will do multi-flash hummingbird photography and photograph birds such as Black-crested Titmouse, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Summer Tanager and Painted Bunting from blinds here.  Hotel: A nice hotel in Fredericksburg.

May 20th This morning we will photograph at the ranch in the Hill Country again.  In addition to small birds Turkeys and Fox Squirrels usually are around and Gray Foxes occasionally show up.  We will again do some multi-flash hummingbird photography.  We will then check out of our hotel and drive to the Bracketville area where we will visit a local ranch for an afternoon photography session.  This ranch is good for a variety of birds including Hooded Oriole, White-eyed Vireo, Yellow-breasted Chat and many other species Then we will head to our next hotel in Del Rio, Texas.  

May 21st  – Today we will drive through Amistad National Recreation Area and Big Bend National Park.  This is some of the most scenic country in Texas with beautiful landscapes.  No doubt we will see and photograph some interesting birds and likely wildlife today on the route but it’s difficult to predict what species they will be.   We will arrive at our lodge, the Terlingua Ranch Lodge in the late afternoon in time for dinner.  Hotel: Terlingua Ranch Lodge

May 22 and 23rd – We will have two full days photographing at an oasis with water drips in the remote high desert.  There are usually good numbers of both Lucifer and Black-chinned Hummingbirds at the feeders here.  It will be natural light hummingbird photography here, there is usually plenty of light for flight and interaction type of shots.  We will have a water drip with setup perches for birds such as Varied Bunting, Hooded and Scott’s Orioles, Pyrrhuloxias, Scaled Quail and more species.  Each evening we will return to the Terlingua Ranch Lodge for dinner and lodging.    

May 24th – We will spend another morning at the feeding station and drips in the high desert before checking out and heading back through scenic Big Bend National Park and Amistad National Recreation Area before heading to our hotel in Del Rio, Texas.

May 25th – We will check out and head to Kickapoo Caverns State Park.  They have a water drip here which is one of the best locations to photograph Black-capped Vireo as well as some other difficult birds.  Then we will drive back to Austin, Texas.  You can fly out that evening after six or we can help you book a hotel near the airport, and you can fly out the next morning (extra cost for hotel).   You should have a nice variety of beautiful photos of some difficult birds and some nice landscapes and wildlife images as well.  You will have experienced some remote and beautiful countryside.

Melody Lytle

Melody Lytle is a retired biologist and bird photographer living in the Texas Hill Country. She is a Canon photographer and of all the instructors working with Trogon Photo Tours she is the most skilled at photoshop techniques.


Nate Chappell

Nate is the founder of Trogon Photo Tours and an award winning photographer.

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