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This photo tour takes place during the best time to photograph Iberian Lynx, wintering raptors, Ibex in the rut and Common Cranes in Spain.  We will be photographing from blinds which are setup for different species.  Each of the blinds typically seats 3 photographers so we will be alternating between hides.  There is an Imperial Eagle hide, Goshawk hide, Golden Eagle hide, Bonelli’s Eagle hide, Marsh Harrier and Kite hide (up to 15 species of raptor can be photographed at this hide during the winter), Griffon and Cinereous Vulture hide, Crane hide and small bird drinking pool hide.  When photographing the Ibex we will be walking.  There are also some photography from the vehicle and walk around photo opportunities but the majority of our time will be spent in the hides.  We will be staying in 4 star accommodation throughout including two nights in a beautiful castle.  Possible extensions include the South of Spain for Iberian Lynx and more Imperial Eagle or the Pyrenees for Bearded Vulture and other mountain species, contact us for details. 

Slovenia is one of the best locations to photograph the European Brown Bear and a large number of bird species including Hoopoes, Bee-eaters and Ural Owl.  It also a spectacularly beautiful country for landscapes and Iphone photography, has good food and accommodation options and is very safe.  We will visit different regions of Slovenia each with it’s own set of wildlife.  The forest of the Southeast with European Brown Bears, owls and more.  The marsh areas of the Northeast have an abundance of both water birds and flashy species like Bee-eaters and Hoopoes.  We will be photographing mostly from hides, although there are plenty of walking opportunities and landscape photography opportunities if you are so inclined.  There will be wine tasting and other activities organized for the nonphotographer spouses which are included in your tour cost.

In the summer Hungary has some of the best bird photography in the world.  Tower hides with Rollers, Red-footed Falcons, Kestrels and Jackdaws at eye level.  Water drip reflection pool hides which attract up to 20 species of songbirds in a session, waterbird hides where you can photograph waterfowl and terns up close, hides for the amazing Hoopoe and hides which are set up on Bee-eater colonies. 

This tour focuses on photographing the birds of Thailand as well as elephants, primates and other wildlife.  We will spend one week at the premier bird photography lodge in Thailand which is near Keang Krachan National Park.  There are blinds on the property and several other sets of blinds outside the property which attract a large variety of birds which can be photographed at close range.  We will also have two days of bird photography at Beung Borapet, the largest weltand in Thailand as well as 2 afternoons of elephant and large mammal safari at Kuiburi National Park.  During the 2024 photo tour, there will be a concerted effort to photograph Spoon-billed Sandpiper and other waders which will replace the two days at Beung Borapet.

This workshop focuses on photographing birds during the breeding season in Iceland.  It’s timed for the peak time when Atlantic Puffins will be feeding chicks.  Iceland is one of the top breeding bird locations in the Arctic and we will have numerous opportunities with Puffins, Waterfowl, Shorebirds, Jaegers, Loons and many other birds.  All the while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Iceland and also keeping our eyes out for mammals such as the Arctic Fox.  Accommodation consists of mostly 4 star hotels, with a couple of comfortable guest houses also including the only hotel on Flatey Island.

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