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This Photo Tour features 4 days of photographing nesting Harpy Eagles from a tower where the eagles are eye level and only 20-30 meters away.  There are several such towers set up on nests in the region and we will choose the most active nest to photograph at.  It also features photography of Monkeys, Tapirs and a lot of interesting birds in the Southern Amazon region of Brazil.  We will also spend 4 nights at Pousada Piuval in the Northern Pantanal.  Here we will photograph Hyacinth Macaws, Red-legged Seriemas, Toco Toucans a a lot of other great birds.  We will also photograph a lot of wildlife including Caimans, Capybara, Foxes and more.  We also have a reasonable chance to see and photograph both Jaguars and Giant Anteaters.  So, in addition to the Harpy Eagles, we will photograph a great variety of other birds and wildlife.
Maximum Participants: 5 participants 

Cost and Logistics

$7,950 per photographer with a $1,200 single supplement. Cost for a nonphotographer spouse/companion is $7,450.  Fly into and out of Cuiaba, Brazil.  The deposit is $2,300.  Cost includes all lodging, meals, in country ground transportation, domestic flights from Cuiaba to Alta Floresta and back to Cuiaba, guiding, instruction, entrance fees and drinking water.  Cost does not include other flights, tips, drinks besides water and items of a personal nature.


April 17th – Arrival to Cuiaba, Brazil.  Transfer to a nice hotel near the airport.    

April 18th – This morning we will fly to Alta Floresta in the Southern Amazon.  It’s usually about a 5 hour transfer from the Alta Floresta airport to our lodge in the Amazon.  We will do a bit of bird photography around the lodge in the late afternoon if time allows. 

April 19th-22nd  – Each morning we will spend in a tower which is located across from an active Harpy Eagle nest.  We will select a nesting location where the chicks are young so they are usually visited by their parents daily.  There’s a very good chance we will get images of the parents feeding the chicks.  Since we are eye level with the birds we are usually able to get green forest background shots.  Typically, we will spend the morning with the Harpy Eagle family and then in the afternoon do boat trips and/or walks to photograph other bird species, monkeys and other mammals.  The Southern Amazon is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world so we should have plenty of interesting subjects including some macro photography of herps and insects.  Each evening we will return to our lodge in the Amazon Rainforest. 

April 23rd – We will have one more morning of photography around the lodge and then we will drive back to Alta Floresta.  We have a nice hotel in forest selected in Alta Floresta where we can photograph Spider and Capuchin Monkeys as well as various birds such as Fruitcrows and Woodpeckers.  There is a lake where waterbirds such as Rufescent Tiger Heron and Jacanas can be photographed.  Hotel: Floresta Amazonica Hotel

April 24th – We will do some morning photography at the lodge then go to the airport to catch our flight back to Cuiaba.  We will be picked up at the Cuiaba airport and transported to Pousada Piuval in the Northern Pantanal.  This evening we will have our first car safari at Piuval.  There is a very large variety of wildlife and birds which can be photographed at this lodge.  Pousada Piuval

April 25th -27th – We will have three full days of photography at Piuval during which we will have walking trips, vehicle safaris and a boat trip.  Some of the highlights include large numbers of birds such as Hyacinth Macaws, Jabirus, Toco Toucans, Roseate Spoonbills, Buff-necked Ibis and many others.  There is also a wide variety of wildlife at Piuval including Crab-eating Foxes, Capybaras, Jacare Caimans, Giant and Tamandua Anteaters, Coati and even Jaguars.  We would be lucky to photograph all of these during our stay but we should see and photograph the majority of them.  Pousada Piuval 

April 28th  – We will have one more full morning at Piuval and after a nice lunch we will return to our hotel near the Cuiaba airport.  A nice hotel near the airport.   

April 29th  – You can fly out anytime today or we can arrange an extension for you to stay more time in Brazil.

Jose Avendaño

Jose Luis is a top-notch bird photography guide who has been guiding all over Peru for the past 10 years.

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