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Galveston Migration Photo Workshops

During this workshop we will photograph migrating songbirds from blinds at Stevenson Woods in Galveston, Texas.  Stevenson Woods has the highest bird yard list of any location in North America and has been the location of many bird photography workshops.  The migrating warblers, tanagers, orioles, thrushes, grosbeaks, buntings and other migrants here are attracted to water drips, oranges and seed that are put out.  Afternoons are always spent in the blinds with the songbirds.  Mornings are split between the blinds and shorebird photography which is excellent in the area and produces Clapper Rails, plovers, terns, various sandpipers, herons and egrets.  The variety of species photographed is very high.  The workshop timing is at the peak of songbird migration on the best possible dates.  We will have two workshop leaders for the group of five photographers to ensure personal attention. 

Maximum photogaphers is 5.

Cost and Logistics

The workshop is based in Galveston, TX. The cost of the workshop is $3,950 with a $400 single supplement, the deposit is $1,100.  The cost includes lodging at the Towneplace Suites in Galveston, property use fees, instruction, local transportation and guiding.  We can pick you up and drop you off at Houston airports. 


April 17th – Introductory Meeting and dinner, Towneplace Suites. 

 April 18th-22nd – Five full days of bird photography.  Each afternoon we will photograph at  Stevenson Woods where we will be photographing migrating warblers, orioles, tanagers, buntings, grosbeaks, thrushes, vireos and other migrant songbirds from blinds at water drips that are very close to the blinds. This is the prime time for migration and with 5afternoons of photographing we should photograph a large number of warblers.  Nate and Melody will be placing attractive perches near the drip for the birds to land on.  In the mornings you have the option of photographing migrants at the water drips or if doing some waterbird photography.  We visit a cypress swamp that has Purple Gallinule, Anhingas and a lot of other great birds.  And of course we will spend a fair amount of time photographing on the coasts of Galveston Island and nearby for Clapper Rails, Reddish Egrets, Least and Sandwich Terns, Wilson’s Plovers, American Avocets (often large flocks) and many more plovers, sandpipers and waders.  Nate and Melody will help you improve your photography and help you to get a lot of great images.  Towneplace Suites

April 23rd – Check out and transfer to the airport if needed.   

 Daily Options at Stevenson Woods

While the days of April 18-22 and April 28-May 2 are reserved for our workshops which include two workshop leaders and have a maximum of 5 photographers, the other days during migration we will have one Trogon Photo Tours leader at Stevenson Woods tending the water drips. During these days the maximum number of photographers is 6.  The cost of each day of photography during the periods April 12-17, April 23-27 and May 3-7 is $500 per day.  This includes photography at the blinds at Stevenson Woods with the help of one of our leaders.  It does not include accommodation or transportation.  If you would like to reserve a day or days please email me at nchappell@trogontours.net with the dates desired.  The deposit to reserve a day is $200 per day.  Each day meeting and shooting times will be emailed a few days before the shooting day.  There will be one morning and one afternoon session each day.


Nate Chappell

Nate is the founder of Trogon Photo Tours and an award winning photographer.

Melody Lytle

Melody will provide in field instruction and answer any photographic questions that you may have.

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