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Join Ken Archer for 7 great days of photography in Southern Arizona.  During this workshop we will use multi-flash and photo trap setups to capture stunning images of hummingbirds and bats.  We will also help you capture super action shots of native Arizona bird species from blinds at waterholes and water drips. Ken will give presentations on photographing birds in the wild, using flash for bird photography and raw image processing.  We will have sessions on the hummingbird multi-flash setup where you can photograph up to 4 species of hummingbirds, we will have 2 evening bat and owl photography sessions and many sessions photographing birds from blinds.  We will also do some natural light set up hummingbird photography.  You will need a minimum of a 300mm lens or 200mm lens with teleconverter.  For the hummingbirds and bats you don’t need a larger lens than that, for the other birds more focal length is desirable.

Maximum participants: 5.

Cost and Logistics

$4,375 per photographer, $500 single supplement, $1,200 deposit for May 2023.  Cost of nonphotographer spouse/companion joining is $2,900.  Includes all photo instruction, local transportation, guiding, property use fees, 2 evening bat sessions and lodging.  It does not include meals other than some breakfasts.  Fly to Tucson, AZ or drive to the workshop hotel, the Green Valley Best Western to begin the workshop.    There are 2 bat photography sessions included, you can add more if you wish for an additional fee. 2025 Cost: $4,575 photographer, $3,250 nonphotographer, 600 single supplement, $1,200 deposit.


May 31th – Arrive to Tucson, AZ.  If you fly in we will arrange your transfer to Sierra Vista, AZ.  The workshop starts at 5pm when Ken will give his presentation on photographing birds in the wild with question and answer period. A nice hotel in Sierra Vista

June 1st – This morning we will spend in the new blinds at Ash Canyon.  In the morning a wide variety of birds use the water and feeders at this setup including Lazuli Buntings, Scott’s Orioles and many others.  There are numerous hummingbird feeders on the Ash Canyon grounds as well.  In the afternoon we will visit another local feeding station which attracts other species and then photograph the resident Elf Owls.  A nice hotel in Sierra Vista.

June 2nd – We will have another session in the very productive Ash Canyon blinds.  Occasionally the amazing Montezuma Quail shows up here.  In the afternoon we will visit Ramsey Canyon where they have hummingbird feeders and it’s a good spot to find Elegant Trogon and Painted Redstart.  Then we will transfer to Green Valley.  In the evening we will have our first bat photography session.  Best Western Green Valley Inn.  

June 3rd and 4th – Morning and afternoon bird photography sessions in the desert blinds at Amado, AZ.  Target species here include Gambel’s Quail, Roadrunner, Phainopepla, Orioles, Pyrrhuloxia and many others.  Evening bat photography sessions during which we also have a good chance to photograph Screech Owls.  We will also visit other bird photography blinds in the mountains nearby which attract other species such as Acorn Woodpecker, Scott’s Oriole and more.  We will also have one sessions with captive reptiles including Gila Monster.   Best Western Green Valley

June 5th – Morning bird photography at Amado, AZ.  Then check out and transfer to Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon.  Afternoon multi-flash hummingbird photography.  The most common species are Black-chinned and Broad-billed but other species such as Magnificent often show up as well. Santa Rita Lodge    

June 6th – Full day of multi-flash photography and photography of other birds around the lodge and in the canyon.  Nesting Elegant Trogons live in the sycamores which line the creek behind the lodge and other great birds like Townsend’s Warblers and Painted Redstarts are common in the area.

June 7th – One last morning of hummingbird photography followed by check out and return to the airport.

Ken Archer

Ken Archer

Ken Archer has been a professional wildlife photographer for the last 25 years. His work is widely published and he is a former first place category winner in Nature’s Best Photo Contest and an overall winner of the Wyoming Wildlife Photo Contest. He has spent a great deal of time photographing wildlife in the American West. Ken uses Canon.

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